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What do pornography, objectification, obsessive cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, obesity, and low self-esteem have in common?  They can all be related to misunderstanding of the purpose, power, and beauty of the human body.  Our bodies are awe-inspiring machines, capable of loving, making love, learning, healing, moving, sensing, dancing, serving.  If we view them merely as objects to be looked at and consumed, or as animals with appetites to satisfy, we create lots of problems for ourselves!

  • Hope and Healing LDS is a forum for LDS (and Christian-minded) women who have been betrayed to gather anonymously to provide hope, healing and support for each other.
  •   Bloom for Women is a place of healing. They have education, therapy, a forum, yoga...I Love them.
  • Fight the New Drug takes a non-preachy, scientific approach to educate youth on how porn changes the brain (yikes!).   
  •   LDS addiction recovery blogs from the perspectives of recovering LDS addicts as well as recovering LDS loved ones.
  • The Heart of the Matter is A documentary film in the making that does a beautiful job in reaching out in love to porn addicts.  
  •  Learn how media giants like Victoria Secret lie to you about your body at Beauty Redefined.  

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